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The Top 5 Apps for Small Business Accounting

Written by jlukrichJanuary 12, 2016

The Top 5 Apps for Small Business Accounting

With fast-paced work environments and mobile technology that has been assimilated into our daily lives, many business owners are on the lookout for simple and reliable business accounting apps which manage the daily accounting functions of their small businesses. Today, there are numerous accounting apps which run across multiple devices and keep daily accounting functions simple and organized. Here are the Top 5 Apps for Small Business Accounting which take the headache out of the accounting process so business owners can get back to business.


QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

QuickBooks Online is an app developed by Intuit Inc. that is available with a free 30-day trial and compatible across many devices including iPads, iPhones, Android, Mac, and even the Apple Watch. QuickBooks Online is accessible through the web which makes sharing progress with colleagues, business partners, and consultants easy. Additionally, the program has an automatic-sync feature that ensures all the users connected to the profile are kept up-to-date. QuickBooks Online is also highly customizable, allowing you to manage your expenses and customers in a style that fits your needs. To ensure your data is kept safe and secure, QuickBooks Online uses a cloud-based system that is dependable and mobile. There is an array of key functions including building and managing custom invoices, tracking payments and payroll, exporting data to Excel, organizing inventory, printing bills and checks, online banking, and expense reports. QuickBooks Online is a great, user-friendly app that is available across multiple personal devices to make your accounting tasks organized and productive.

QuickBooks Online is available to purchase with a monthly auto-renewing subscription for $9.99 or with an annual auto-renewing subscription for $99.99

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Kashoo Simple Cloud Accounting Software

Kashoo is an internationally recognized and affordable software program that combines the fine technical details of accounting with easy-to-use interface to ensure that managing and growing your business is a stress-free, profitable process. Kashoo is built to help you maintain bank-level security with Touch ID and PIN protection, prepare taxes, integrate with other users and partners, and manage your expenses so your business is ran with excellent organization, customization, and efficiency. Kashoo provides reliable customer support and a free trial to ensure that your dollar is put to good use. Using the latest technology, Kashoo encourages you to take your business anywhere you go and keep up with the pace of your busy life; send invoices and manage expenses on the go and even offline. With Kashoo, your data is integrated across multiple devices and shared easily and safely to partners and employees.

Kashoo is available with monthly prescription for $12.95 or an annual subscription for $129.99

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Xero: Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping

Xero prides itself on software that keeps up with the fast-paced schedule of your work day. It uses cloud-based sharing and maximum integration so that collaboration between small business owners, accountants, bookkeepers, and employees stays strong and up-to-date. Xero’s app technology provides cash summary reports, balance checking, mobile-friendly expense reports, partner communication, and overnight-processed transactions, all at your fingertips for maximum convenience and time-efficiency. Data protection is optimized with professional security experts, automatic backup and recovery, bank-level encryption, and 24/7 data-monitoring. In addition, Xero provides services to help your business grow with their online system where you can browse Xero certified accountants, bookkeepers, and cloud integrators. For those developing accounting skills, Xero has a variety of resources that can help you get started: Educational tutorial videos, webinars, training events, blog entries, and community outreach centers are readily available for new Xero users or those looking to brush up on their skillset. Whether your company is starting out small or looking to grow, Xero programs offer free support and updates, unlimited users, and a free trial. Xero makes managing business accounting quick, simple, understandable, and mobile so the success of your company can be constantly expanding.

Xero is available with a 6 month introductory plan, Starter for $6.30, Standard for $21, or Premium for $49, with slight price increases per month after.

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FreshBooks: Small Business Accounting Software in the Cloud

FreshBooks is an easy to use program that provides custom-fit accounting management for all types of small business owners in various industries. FreshBooks is customizable, professional, and highly recommended by users to assist with their individual business finance-management needs. For further learning, FreshBooks provides a blog site with guides, tips, and news to help launch your business or keep your current company growing toward success. Full with FAQs and informative articles, their website is a great resource to supplement their software product. FreshBooks is supported across multiple devices and international countries. Key features include sending online invoices, tracking billable time, automatic expenses importing and capturing, and easy online payment. FreshBook’s goal is to make your accounting run smoothly so you have more time to take care of other important business operations to get your job done. FreshBook offers many payment options so you can customize your accounting plan to fit your needs.

FreshBook is available with various plans that range from $9.95 to $79.95 a month, with annual options, depending on the features you would like to purchase.

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Zoho Books: Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Zoho Books rounds off the list as a diverse and extensive app that covers all the basics and goes beyond to help your company achieve financial success. The app supports ten languages, even more countries, and all personal devices, including the Apple Watch. It also offers extensive benefits from basic to advanced such as expense tracking, automated banking, account reports, collaborative Client Portal, and multiple project management. As a highlight, Zoho Books is integrated with numerous international payment methods as well as automatic transaction importation and categorization into your bank account for quick and up-to-date banking records. Zoho Books also provides accessible support networks such as user guides, forums, blogs, and weekly webinars to learn more about how to utilize Zoho Books to maximize its benefits to your company. Zoho Books prides itself on being user-friendly and versatile; its clients range from interior designers to photographers and wholesaler professionals.

Zoho Books is available for $9 a month for Basic plan, $19 a month for Standard plan, and $29 a month for Professional plan. These plans vary depending on the number of contacts and users your business has. A free 14-day trial is also available.

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by Elizabeth Lukrich