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Muhlenberg College, Muhlenberg Accounting Program Profile

Written by AnonymousNovember 1, 2011
Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College
Muhlenberg Accounting Program
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science, Accounting

The Muhlenberg Accounting Program at Muhlenberg College develops communication and interpersonal skills for today's careers in accounting. Students develop ethical standards and advance leadership skills as well. Accounting students are encouraged to spend a semester studying in Washington D.C., or studying abroad. Students fulfill requirements in liberal arts as well as economics, finance, business, and elective courses for a broad, educational range. Muhlenberg College uses a course system intended to highlight the mastery of subject matter, instead of a credit system that measures achievement based on time spent in class. Courses are an entire learning experience, which may include computer work, group projects, lectures, discussions, recitation, and instruction. A typical full-time accounting student is enrolled in four class units per semester, which includes four courses, the activities those courses encompass, and the hours students spend studying outside of the classroom. Accounting courses cover written and oral communication, analysis of data, global issues, evaluation of ethical dilemmas, and the use of information technology for communicating financial information.

What's the school's contact information?
Muhlenberg College
Accounting Program
2400 West Chew Street
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104
Phone: (484) 664-3100

Type of school? Private

How much is tuition?
Annual tuition: $38,380
Room and board: $9,185

What's the typical student profile?
Muhlenberg College has a total of 2,406 undergraduate students. Of the student population 43 percent are male and 57 percent are female. Out of state students comprise 70 percent of all students.

What type of test scores do I need?
Range for SAT Critical Reading: 560-670
Range for SAT Math: 560-670
Range for SAT Writing: 560-670
Range for ACT Composite: 24-30
Average High School GPA: 3.30

Regular application deadline: February 15

Career and placement
The Muhlenberg Career Center integrates three important steps into the undergraduate career search experience: exploration, preparation, and connection. Exploration allows students to gather information and promote their curiosity of interests. Preparation advances the ability to communicate the Muhlenberg experience, consider transitional challenges and implement lifelong learning. Connection allocates networking and obtaining information from resources that will help meet career goals.

The Career Center has a calendar full of activities for students who wish to network with other students as well as members of the community and Muhlenberg staff. Some of these activities include: activities fairs, read a banned book week, art gallery exhibitions, Career Center Quick Question hours, Curiosities and Inventions of the human mind, Career Conversations, and mock interviews.

All data is as of 2012.