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Jill Brightman of the Connecticut Society of CPAs Discusses Scholarships Available to Current and Future Connecticut Accounting Students

Written by AnonymousNovember 28, 2011
Connecticut Society of CPAs

Interview with Jill Brightman, Student Relations Specialist, Connecticut Society of CPAs

The Connecticut Society of CPAs (CSCPA) offers numerous scholarships to current and future accounting students in the state of Connecticut. To learn more about the scholarships available, Jill Brightman, CSCPA Student Relations Specialist, spoke with us at Ms. Brightman attended Central Connecticut State University.

The CSCPA strives to promote excellence among Connecticut CPAs through advocacy, education and community. In order to best serve the interests of its nearly 6,000 members, the society hosts frequent networking opportunities and offers a wide range of members’ services, including a peer review program and member-to-member consulting.    

ACFD: Who is the audience for your scholarships?

JB: The audience for our scholarships is current accounting students and potential future CPAs, ranging from graduating high school seniors to graduate students. We currently have a number of different scholarships available—some are geared towards high school seniors, some for community college students and some for undergraduate or graduate level college students. We specifically work with two- and four-year Connecticut colleges offering accounting majors that are recognized by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy, as well as Connecticut high schools. We also consider students with Connecticut residency who may be attending out-of-state colleges, for certain scholarships.

ACFD: What are the requirements of your scholarships?

JB: Our scholarship requirements vary according to what particular scholarship a student is applying for. 

ACFD: What is the deadline for your scholarships?

JB: This also varies by scholarship. Primarily, we offer scholarships in the fall and in the spring each year.

ACFD: How can students apply?

JB: For some scholarships, applications are available on our website, while others are available through the individual school. Some of the scholarships we offer are competitive and students must go through an application process while others are based on recommendations of school faculty.

ACFD: How many scholarships did you give out last year?

JB: Approximately 65-70 individual student scholarships were awarded last year by the CSCPA.

ACFD: What amount do you offer?

JB: The scholarship amounts vary depending upon the specific scholarship type. Many of the scholarships provided by the CSCPA and the amounts awarded are listed on our website at

ACFD: Who sponsors the scholarships?

JB: Scholarship support is provided by the CSCPA’s Educational Trust Fund (ETF) which, in turn, is supported by the many members of the Connecticut Society of CPAs. CSCPA members make individual contributions in the spirit of promoting the future of the certified public accounting profession.

ACFD: What are the overall goals of the Connecticut Society of CPAs?

JB: The mission of the Connecticut Society of CPAs is to be the professional association in Connecticut that promotes and supports state CPAs through advocacy, community, and education. The Educational Trust Fund (ETF) of the CSCPA exists to help tomorrow’s CPAs today. It does so by providing financial support directly to students, accounting departments, and accounting clubs at Connecticut colleges and universities recognized by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy.

ACFD: Thank you for talking with us!

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