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How to Find a Job in Accounting – What Do I Put on My Resume?

Written by AnonymousJuly 6, 2011
What Do I Put on My Resume?

When you’re searching for an accounting job, a solid resume is your opportunity to market your skills and highlight your qualifications to potential employers. Because you’re new to the field, recruiters won’t expect you to have massive amounts of work experience. Rather than worry about the amount of experience included in your resume, focus instead on the specific skills you’ve acquired that are relevant to a career in accounting. Potential employers want to see what you can offer their firm. Here is a summary of key in-demand skills you should emphasize to convince employers that you have what it takes for the position.

  • Analytical skills:  A strong interest in analyzing numbers is generally considered an inherent part of the profession. Beyond just an interest in math, as an accountant, you’re required to analyze and evaluate complex financial information and data processes.
  • Teamwork attitude: Accountants must have strong interpersonal skills, because they spend much of their careers working in teams with other accountants and managers. By emphasizing your ability to work well with others, you show employers that you’re an effective communicator and team player.
  • Strong communication skills: Aside from your ability to work well with other accountants, employers need to be assured you can maintain a professional demeanor with people outside the firm, because the job requires developing secure relationships with clients. Some of these clients may be difficult, so well-developed communication skills are crucial in order to maintain these valuable interpersonal connections.
  • Organization and time management skills: Accountants need to know how to manage their time in the most efficient way, especially during the hectic tax season. A well-organized accountant can handle working overtime during the busiest months, and can multitask without letting the quality of the work suffer.
  • Flexibility: A job in accounting requires a great deal of flexibility, because the schedule varies depending on the time of year. During tax season, accountants are expected to work overtime, and must be able to accommodate the demands of a heavier workload. In addition, you must be prepared to satisfy the needs of many clients, and may need to be ready to take on unexpected travel.