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Diane Christy, Communications Director, Alabama Society of CPAs Discusses Scholarships Available to Alabama Accounting Students

Written by AnonymousJanuary 31, 2012
Alabama Society of CPAs

Interview with Diane Christy, Communications Director, Alabama Society of CPAs

The Alabama Society of CPAs (ASCPA) Educational Foundation offers several scholarships to accounting students in the state that have demonstrated academic excellence and interest in the profession. To learn more about the scholarships available, we spoke with Diane Christy, Communications Director of the Alabama Society of CPAs.

Since 1967, the ASCPA Educational Foundation has aimed to attract Alabama’s brightest, most qualified accounting students to the profession. The foundation relies on contributions from ASCPA’s generous members, corporate sponsors and other donors.

In addition to supporting future CPAs, the ASCPA’s goal is to advance the Certified Public Accountant profession in Alabama by promoting and maintaining high professional, educational and ethical standards among its members.

ACFD: Who is the audience for the scholarships?

DC: It is fourth- and fifth-year accounting students at Alabama accredited programs.

ACFD: What are the requirements for the scholarships?

DC: They need to have completed financial/intermediate accounting 1 and 2; B average in all accounting courses; B average overall; have at least one full year left in school—therefore, be a fourth- or fifth-year student; have declared a major in accounting; be enrolled with a minimum of six hours per semester or 12 hours per year; U.S. citizen. We prefer candidates with a strong interest in a career in Alabama public accounting. We don’t want to get them all smart and ship them away somewhere else!

ACFD: How do you apply?

DC: We send out application packages to both universities and officers at our 11 chapters during the month of January. Students need to contact their accounting department chair if they have interest in applying. It’s all done through the school.

ACFD: Deadline?

DC: The deadline for completing your application is the end of February, but I don’t have a set date yet.

ACFD: What amount do you offer?

DC: It’s actually in flux. We’ve been in the middle of a capital campaign during all of 2011 and we’re anticipating that we’re going to go from $1,500 to $2,500, so I would say $2,500. In addition to one scholarship per school, we will also be offering two additional financial need scholarships. We’re also going to offer either two or four minority scholarships.

ACFD: What are the overall goals of the Alabama Society of CPAs?

DC: We are committed to keeping the accounting pipeline full and to making sure that the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct are maintained for CPAs in our state.