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Certified Treasury Professional, CTP Certification: Details on Examination and Certification for Certified Treasury Professionals

Written by AnonymousAugust 30, 2011
"Certified Treasury Professional"

If you’re looking to improve your career in accounting, obtaining an accounting certificate is an excellent first step.  Accounting certificates can expand your accounting knowledge and increase your proficiency in a specific area of the accounting field

Introduction to Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Certification

Someone who is a treasury professional, or treasurer, is in charge of managing a company’s financial assets and liabilities. Treasury professionals typically serve as financial advisors to corporations and businesses. Additional responsibilities usually include:

  • Support  and minimize liquidity risk management
  • Manage a company’s investments
  • Keep track of hedge interest rate risk
  • Develop capital management structure plans
  • Support and advise during mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensure compliance with corporate governance

A Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credential, granted by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), recognizes treasurers and treasury specialists who have demonstrated an extremely high level of competency in the profession of a corporate treasurer.

Earning a CTP credential can:

Distinguish you as an expert and highly trained treasury professional 

Boost your earning potential

Offer increased opportunities for career mobility and advancement

Steps to Certified Treasury Professional Certification

In order to become a CTP, you’re required to pass a certification exam. To be eligible to sit for the exam, you must have one of the following:

  • Two years or more of full-time work experience in the finance industry
  • A graduate-level degree in finance and some work experience
  • Two years of full-time, university-level teaching experience in a treasury-related discipline and some work experience

Prior to scheduling your exam, you do the following:

  1. Review the AFP’s Certification Candidate Guide, which contains details about the entire certification process.
  2. Explore the study aids offered by the AFP and determine which would best prepare you for the test.
  3. Submit the CTP application to AFP — including the Eligibility Form—either online or by mail.
  4. Wait approximately one week to receive your registration confirmation and your Authorization to Test via e-mail.
  5. Schedule your CTP exam.

You must pay a fee along with your application, which varies depending on your AFP membership status. As of 2011, AFP members pay an application fee of $186 and non-members pay a fee of $581. The application fee doesn’t include the examination fee.

Details of the Certified Treasury Professional Exam

The CTP exam is a four-hour test consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions all derived from information summarized in Essentials of Treasury Management, 3rd Edition, which is available for purchase from the AFP website. The topics covered in the test are:

  • The role and organization of treasury management
  • The financial regulatory environment
  • Managing relationships with service providers
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Introduction to working capital management
  • Working capital tools
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Financial risk management
  • Payment systems, collections, and disbursements
  • Money markets, short-term investing, and borrowing
  • Capital markets
  • Financial decisions and management
  • Capital structure and dividend policy
  • Operational and enterprise risk management
  • Treasury policies and procedures
  • Information technology in treasury

You’re required to pay an examination fee. As of 2011, the early registration fee for AFP members and non-members alike is $510 and the final deadline fee is $610. Updated information about deadlines can be found on the AFP website.

It’s wise to schedule your test early to ensure more options in case you need to reschedule your exam date. Oftentimes if you book late, and all exams are full, you’ll need to reschedule to the following examination period, which will cost you an additional fee.

Immediately after you finish the test, you’re notified about whether you passed or failed. If you fail, you can retake the exam as many times as you need without penalty.

Preparing for the Certified Treasury Professional Exam

All the content found on the exam is taken from the book, Essentials of Treasury Management, 3rd Edition, which is available for purchase on the AFP website. As of 2011, the book costs $140 for AFP members and $205 for non-members.

Additionally, the AFP recommends that you prepare for the exam using their online Learning System Treasury course, which includes study materials like practice tests and flashcards. The AFP Learning System Treasury costs $699 for members and $799 for non-members, as of 2011.

Maintaining the Certified Treasury Professional Exam

Maintaining your certification is a process that follows a three-year cycle, within which time you must pay a fee and complete 36 relevant continuing education credits. If the fee is submitted before August 15, the fee is $85 for AFP members and $200 for non-members, as of 2011. The final deadline fee, which must be submitted by October 15, is $135 for AFP members and $250 for non-members.

To qualify for continuing education credit, a program must be at least 50 minutes in length and must focus on a topic related to treasury or finance. Suitable activities include:

  • Completion of the AFP Learning System Treasury course
  • Passing AFP publication quizzes, found on AFP website
  • Take a graduate or post-graduate college or university course
  • Attend relevant conferences, seminars or training sessions, including AFP Regional Association program meetings
  • Perform independent study in print, audio, video or online formats
  • Earn a professional license or certification related to treasury, finance or accounting
  • Publish an article or book on a relevant topic
  • Participate  in a professional teleconference or Webinar
  • Participate as a lecturer, presenter or teacher on a topic related to treasury, finance or accounting
  • Write a thesis or dissertation for a college or university finance program
  • Hold a leadership position on a committee or task force
  • Participate in treasury/finance career development activities
  • Membership in a national, international or regional professional treasury, finance or accounting association

50 minutes of participation in any of these activities counts toward one credit, but certain restrictions apply in regard to how many credits can be earned within each activity. (See the AFP website for details.)

You can earn your 36 recertification credits at any time during the three-year cycle —gradually or condensed all into one year. If you haven’t completed the required 36 recertification credits by the end of your recertification cycle, you can ask for one six-month extension — as long as you have earned at least one credit at the time of the request. Additional requests for extensions aren’t permitted.

Keep documentation for each of your recertification activities for up to two years after reporting them to the AFP just in case you’re asked to provide documentation of your recertification activities.

Governing Board Information

CTP® certification is issued by:

The Association for Financial Professionals
4520 East West Highway, Suite 750
Bethesda, MD 20814