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Certified Information Technology Professional, CITP Certification: Details on Examination and Certification for Certified Information Technology Professionals

Written by AnonymousNovember 3, 2011
Certified Information Technology Professional

If you’re looking to improve your career in accounting, obtaining an accounting certificate is an excellent first step.  Accounting certificates can expand your accounting knowledge and increase your proficiency in a specific area of the accounting field.

Introduction to Certified Information Technology Professional Certification

A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that uses his or her technological expertise to advise clients about financial matters. Pairing a solid understanding of accounting with highly developed computer skills, CITPs ensure that information is managed securely and accurately. Because more and more companies are using computers as the primary means to manage business obligations, CITPs are increasingly in demand.

The CITP designation is issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Earning the CITP credential demonstrates that your information technology and accounting skills measure up to the AICPA’s standards of excellence. In addition, earning the credential:

  • Distinguishes you as a trained professional in information technology and accounting
  • Can provide new professional opportunities
  • Can increase your earning potential
  • Enhance your marketability to employers
  • Demonstrates your ongoing commitment to professional development

Key Steps to Certified Information Technology Professional Certification

In order to be eligible to become a CITP you are required to:

  • Be an active member of AICPA and in good standing
  • Have at least five years of work experience in accounting
  • Have a valid, unrevoked CPA certificate/license issued by a legally constituted state authority
  • Pay an application fee of $350 as of 2011
  • Pass the CITP exam
  • Meet the 100-point work experience and education requirement

Points are earned through documented completion of the following:

  • Business experience:  IT-related business experience completed in the last ten years. Forty hours of work experience is equal to about one point. (You need a minimum of 25 points and can only include a maximum of 60 points.).
  • Lifelong learning:  Educational activities in a relevant discipline, completed in the last ten years. (You need a minimum of 20 points and can only include a maximum of 60 points.)
  • Earning other professional credentials: Points are issued on a case-by-case basis.

Details of the Certified Information Technology Professional Exam

The CITP exam is a computer-based multiple-choice test that lasts four hours. The content of the test is derived from the CITP Body of Knowledge, which covers the following topics:

  • Risk assessment
  • Fraud considerations
  • Internal control and information technology general controls
  • Data evaluation, testing, and reporting
  • Information management and business intelligence

As of 2011, the exam costs $300 for current IT section members, $400 for current AICPA members, and $500 for non-AICPA members. If you register with a group, you may get a discounted fee — contact the AICPA for details.

Preparing for the Certified Information Technology Professional Exam

The AICPA website has a detailed outline of the CITP Body of Knowledge, which you can use as a study guide. Other unauthorized study guides can be purchased online from multiple retailers.

Maintaining the Certified Information Technology Professional Designation

To maintain your CITP credential, you are required to:

  • Pay an annual fee of $350 as of 2011
  • Maintain an AICPA membership in good standing
  • Maintain your CPA certificate
  • Submit a written statement confirming your intent to comply with all recertification requirements
  • Complete 60 hours of lifelong learning activities in a relevant discipline during each three-year reporting period

Qualifying lifelong learning activities include:

  • Enrolling in approved college or university courses
  • Enrolling in continuing education courses
  • Attending a professional conference
  • Self-directed reading on related topics
  • Delivering a professional or educational presentation
  • Authorship and publication
  • Earning other professional credentials

Governing Board Information
CITP® certification is issued by:
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036