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Degree Types

Articles on the different types of Accounting Degrees:

Discussing the Benefits of an MBA with an Accounting Focus

An MBA with an accounting focus can earn you an average of over 25 percent more than just a bachelor’s degree. The level of education in the accounting field has a strong impact on your earning potential. This is just one benefit of an MBA with an accounting focus. Other benefits are:

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Discussing the Benefits of an Undergraduate Accounting Degree

There are more than 1.3 million accountants working in the United States. They work for bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounting, and payroll firms as well as state and local government. Nearly 10 percent are self-employed. Over the next seven years, the Department of Labor predicts that the industry will add 279,400 new jobs, resulting in a 22 percent employment growth. Job growth for accountants is much faster than average, which is only one benefit of an undergraduate accounting degree.

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Discussing the Benefits of a Masters Degree in Accounting

The more education you have as an accountant, the better paid you’re likely to be. An accountant with a master’s degree and several years of experience can end up working in management or some other high-level position. These positions usually fetch six-figure salaries, plus benefits.

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